GT-Style LED Fog Lights Kit Now Available for 2013 Mustang

A couple of months ago, we released our 2013 Mustang lower valance fog lights kit for the V6, Boss 302 and GT/CS. Since then, we have been asked 'what about GT-Style grille mounted fog lights?'. For the first time in years, Ford used the same bumper for the V6, GT, and Boss 302. Because of this seemlingly trivial fact, it is now easier than ever to add the GT-Style look to your V6 Mustang! In the past, replacing the bumper mean't spending $900+ just to add GT fog lights to base models. Because the GT Grilles are a direct drop in, you will NOT need to replace your bumper!

2013gtledfogkitFord Dealerships are charging $1,200+ for an equivalent kit! While the wiring harness is aftermarket (and is manufactured by us, in the US, to specs that exceed OEM standard), all other components are OEM Ford parts!

Now for the details - we are actually releasing two kits for two different scenarios. See below to make sure you get the right product for your vehicle!

2013 Mustang GT-Style Fog Lights Kit Part number 3505 - Fits V6 and Boss 302

  • This kit is designed for Mustangs that did not come equipped from the factory with fog lights as an option. Because your car did not roll off the line with foglamps, you will need a complete wiring harness and OEM switch to power your lamps.

2013 Mustang GT-Style Fog Lights Conversion Kit Part number 3506 - Fits V6 and GT/CS

  • This kit was created for the V6 and GT California Special owners out there that came equipped with lower valance fog lights from the factory and wish to convert to the GT-Style LED fog lamps. Includes the necessary weatherproof wiring extenders that plug into your factory H11 bulb connectors and convert to the new LED connectors found on the GT fog lamps. Note: Kit does not allow you to run all 4 fog lights, it allows you to delete your lower valance fog lamps and add GT fog lamps.


So at this point, your probably wondering 'is installation a nightmare?' The good news is no, its not at all. In fact, its fairly simple and will only take 2-3 hours for the average installer. Removal of the bumper is necessary, but it is made as simple as possible with our step-by-step installation guide included with each kit. No cutting of factory wiring is required and this wiring harness is specifically designed to work on the 2013's with LED fog lamps!

Tools required for fog light kit installation:

1. Flathead screw driver / Phillips screw driver
2. Socket set (preferred) OR adjustable wrench
3. Car ramps or jack stands – while not absolutely required, these will make your life much easier. Raising the vehicle just a few inches will make access to the underside of the bumper a snap. Highly recommended.

For customers out there that prefer the lower valance fog light kits for their V6, Boss, or GT check out our complete line of fog light kits for the 2013 Mustangs.