5 Year Warranty now included on All Products!

Hey guys - we have got some exciting news for 2013 and beyond. Now included with ALL products is a 5-Year Limited Warranty!

After years of true field testing in incredibly harsh environments, we realized we could give our customers what they have been asking for – an aftermarket product that they can have confidence in! Because of our unique formula of components coupled with our own high quality products, we are able to give the end user a blend of quality, fitment, function, and dependability. We want our customers to not only be confident in our product, but know that when they buy our parts, that they are buying the best quality out there. This warranty will apply to EVERYTHING we sell even if it is not a Starkey brand product.

Why the big change now, you ask? The reason is simple - for years, we have been preaching quality, quality, quality. Frankly, we owe it to our customers to back all of that talk up! Our standard 1-year warranty simply didn't reflect the commitment we have to the best products out there.

What about existing customers? You guys are not being left out in the cold. The 5-Year warranty will be retroactive for all existing products and customers. If you passed the 1-year warranty but still fall within the new, 5-year warranty, your covered! All you need is proof of purchase.

The fine print can be found on the Terms page of our website, but the short of it is listed below:

5-Year WarrantyThis warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship in any component sold by Starkey Products, Inc. or its authorized dealers. Warranty is effective for five years from the date of purchase. Coverage terminates if you sell or transfer ownership of the product. Starkey Products will repair or replace the defective or malfunctioning product or any defective or malfunctioning part thereof at no charge. This warranty covers parts and labor only. This warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, acts of God, or improper installation. Any modification or alteration to any component will void the product warranty. Warranty does not cover wear that any components receive through the normal course of operation and use (including but not limited to bulbs). All warranty claims require proof of purchase. 

Thank you, customers for helping us become what we are today. We will continue to serve you faithfully now and long into the future!