2013 V6 Mustang Project Car

Starkey Products recently purchased a 2013 Grabber Blue V6 Mustang for product testing/ R&D. This is a base model Mustang (the perfect platform to add afterkmarket goodies) with no options from the factory. First impressions here were great! We were all very pleased with the tweaks Ford made to the 2013. Projector HID head lights standard, projector fog lights (V6, if equipped), body color molding standard (no more black plastic rocker molding on the base models), new tail light design, and a few other visual changes.

2013 v6 editedOur engineers are currently working on new products specifically tailored to the 2013. First on our list will be a V6 OEM style fog lights kit for the 13. Of course, in the mean time, it would be a sin not to add some other must-have mods to this Stang so our team will be working from that angle, too!

Here are a few shots of our new 13' (of course, we couldnt help but throw a set of our black 3.7L emblems on the car to let everyone know whats under the hood!

Keep an eye out for updates and more information on our 2013 V6 Project car!