2013 GT LED Fog Lamp Connection System

New to 2013 GT models, Ford is using LED bulbs with a proprietary connector in their grille-mounted fog lamps.

3513 conversion setNow available from Starkey is a plug-n-play solution for converting factory wiring to work with the new LED bulbs found on the 2013 Mustang GT Grille.

Currently there are no other solutions on the market for 2013 V6/GTCS owners that wish to convert to a GT grille with LED fog lamps. Also, for the first time, the GT and V6 use the same bumper meaning that no modification is necessary to add the GT grille!

Set of converters retails at $49.99 and you can order them from one of our authorized dealers or directly from our website! Click link below to view this product on our website: