2005-2012 Mustang Fog Light Extension / Conversion Wiring

Hey guys - now available are several wiring extenders and converters for various applications related to Mustang fog lighting. They seem insignificant, but provide a plug-n-play solution in situations where you would normally have to cut/ splice/ solder new wiring in to complete your install.

3410 extensions dlrMustang Fog Light Extensions H10 Set

Extends H10 bulb connectors from grille to lower valance. Great for 05-12 GT owners who convert to a Roush bumper and need to extend their factory wiring.

Mustang Fog Light Extensions H10 to H11 Set

Extends H10 bulb connectors and converts to a H11 connector. Great for 10-12 GT owners who are converting from grille mounting fog lights to lower valance lamps found on the California Special.

V6 Mustang Fog Light Converters H11 to H10 Set

Converts V6 owners factory pony package wiring (H11) to H10 connectors which are found on GT fog lights. This is a long overdue product for the V6 owners who came equipped with the Pony Package fog lights and wish to convert to a GT bumper/ Fog lights. This will make installation a snap.